Legal Note

1. Company information

In accordance with article 10 of Act 34/2002, (11th July), on services of the information society and electronic commerce, all relevant company information are presented below. The present website is made available to users by the company identified as follows:

  • Name: “MERIDIEM SEEDS, S.L.” (hereafter, also “MERIDIEM SEEDS”)
  • Tax Identification Number (Spain): B-73734030
  • Business Address: Paraje Lo Soler nº 2; 30700 Torre Pacheco (Murcia); Spain.
  • Email contactinfo@meridiemseeds.com
  • Telephone contact: 950 581 355
  • Fax: +34 950 049 202
  • Business Registry identifiers: Volume: 2852, Book: 0, Leaf: 34, Page: MU-76491, Inscription: 1

2. Intellectual property

MERIDIEM SEEDS is the sole proprietor of all source code, graphic design, images, photos, sounds, animations, software and texts, as well as content and information contained in this website, and as such is protected by Spanish legislation on intellectual and industrial property. Any reproduction and/or publication in full or in part of the website and its contents, or any form of electronic processing, distribution, dissemination, modification, transformation, decompilation or any other use of the owner’s legal rights, without prior written consent of MERIDIEM SEEDS, are strictly prohibited. The user, solely and exclusively, may use the material that appears in this website for their own personal and private use, while any use for commercial ends or to incur in illegal activities is prohibited. All intellectual property rights are expressly reserved by MERIDIEM SEEDS®.

MERIDIEM SEEDS will enforce compliance with the above conditions as well as proper use of the content presented in their web pages, exercising all manner of civil and penal actions that may be applicable in the case of user infraction or non-compliance with these rights.

3. Protection of Personal Data

You are hereby informed that MERIDIEM SEEDS ensures the security and integrity of its data and is the legal owner of several files that are duly inscribed in the Spanish Data Protection Agency, and that MERIDIEM SEEDS complies with security measures required in Royal Decree 1720/2007 (21st December).

4. Other

A.- MERIDIEM SEEDS does not use cookies stored on the user’s computer. Cookies are small files that our computer sends to the user’s computer, but they are not used to provide us with information about your name or any other type of personal data. When browsing MERIDIEM SEEDS web pages, the server that houses these pages automatically recognizes your computer’s IP address, the date and time your visit begins and ends, as well as information regarding the different sections visited. Our server requires this data in order to be able to communicate with you and to transmit requested data to be displayed on your screen.

B.- MERIDIEM SEEDS may modify the information contained in its website, as well as its configuration and presentation, without prior notice.

C.-MERIDIEM SEEDS hereby binds itself to NOT ENGAGE IN MISLEADING ADVERTISING. Therefore and to this end, formal or numerical errors that may result from incomplete or defective maintenance or updating of the information contained in any section of the MERIDIEM SEEDS website shall not be considered misleading advertising. As a consequence of the provisions in this article, MERIDIEM SEEDS shall be obliged to correct said errors as soon as they become known.

D.- In compliance with the provisions of the Spanish law on services of the information society and electronic commerce (Act 34/2002), MERIDIEM SEEDS SHALL NOT SEND OUT COMMERCIAL NOTIFICATIONS WITHOUT IDENTIFYING THEM AS SUCH. To this end, information of any kind that MERIDIEM SEEDS sends to its customers shall not be considered commercial notification, as long as it serves the fulfillment of contractual obligations between this customer and MERIDIEM SEEDS, or for informative, educational or other services that the customer has agreed on with the company.

E.- MERIDIEM SEEDS shall not be responsible for any non-compliance of applicable regulations in which the user incurs when accessing this website and/or when using the information contained therein.

F.- MERIDIEM SEEDS shall not be responsible for damages of any kind that are caused or may be caused by the use of information or content from this website or any programs incorporated therein. MERIDIEM SEEDS is not the owner of and has no control over third-party web content or services that are accessed through links and hypertext present in this website; MERIDIEM SEEDS shall in no way be responsible for any information of this nature or any effects resulting from such information.

G.- MERIDIEM SEEDS shall not be responsible for illicit usage by third parties of brand names, product names and trademarks that appear on this website but are not the property of MERIDIEM SEEDS. Furthermore, MERIDIEM SEEDS shall not be liable for the integrity, veracity and admissibility of web content that can be accessed through links from this website.

H.- In summary, responsibility for the use of services, content, links and hypertext contained in this website corresponds exclusively to the user.

L.- It is reported that some of the varieties described, are in the process of registration.

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